Lock Up Your Whiskey.

Not Your Money.

Our Business

Advanced Spirits exists to deliver three pillars of solutions to the whiskey industry

Capital Solutions

Our barrel financing program lets you secure inventory with minimal capital upfront

Supply Solutions

Gain access to our exclusive contract distillation space and aged whiskey

Recipe Solutions

Leverage our expertise in ingredient selection, distilling, & blending to create premium whiskeys

Our approach provides financial flexibility, inventory access, & technical expertise to help you achieve accelerated & sustained growth.

Our Team

Rob Arnold

Dr. Rob Arnold is the President of Advanced Spirits. He is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and the fifth generation in his family to work in the beverage alcohol industry. Prior to leading Advanced Spirits, he was master distiller of Firestone & Robertson (makers of TX Whiskey) from 2011-2021. Whiskeys distilled and blended by Rob have earned top honors at multiple competitions, including multiple Best of Class awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Some of his other accomplishments include the first wild yeast isolation for whiskey since 1933, the breeding/selection of corn varieties tailored for whiskey, and the co-development of proprietary toasting recipes for oak barrels. He has played key roles in the process design, build out, and start-up for both pot and column still operations. In 2019, he published a scientific research paper showing for the first time that terroir does indeed impact the flavor of whiskey. He has presented his research at a wide range of conferences, including the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference and the University of Kentucky James B. Beam Institute Industry Conference. Rob is also the author of two popular science books: Shots of Knowledge: The Science of Whiskey and The Terroir of Whiskey.

Rob holds a BSc in microbiology from the University of Tennessee, an MSc in biochemistry from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and a PhD in plant genetics from Texas A&M University. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and son.

Your Benefits

Scale with a technical and experienced capital partner

Limited Upfront Cost

We will pay the vast majority of the barrel price

Cheaper Alternative

Our program is cheaper than raising equity or buying aged product at market prices

Guarantee Future Supply

Structure a multi-year barrel agreement that guarantees supply to meet your case goals

Complementary Consultation

Whether it’s recipe development, bottle design, or distribution connections, many of our advisory services are complementary to our customers

Recipe Innovation

We have the expertise to drive mash bill selection, distillation methodology, barrel management, and blending techniques


We do not require additional collateral, financial covenants or even guaranteed purchase of barrels post maturation

Keep Your Business

We do not take any part of your business from an equity, financial, or oversight (i.e. Board) perspective

Innovative Supply Partners

You can breakaway from the commoditized wholesale market and build your brand on ingredient-driven innovation and distilling expertise

Connect With Us


Our relationship with Advanced Spirits will allow us to more fully realize our ten-year product portfolio plan, as well as provide us the ability to expand into other markets at an elevated pace.

Mike MontgomeryCo-Founder and CEO of Blue Run Spirits

Securing our long-term inventory needs with a capital partner like Advanced Spirits will ensure we continue to bring award winning whiskeys to market while also meeting consumer demand.

Mark RiversManaging Partner of Sweetens Cove